FAQ for leasing a new Honda vehicle

If you're looking to drive home in popular new Honda— like a Honda Civic or Honda Accord— have you considered leasing? Here are some FAQ.

How long does a lease last?

It is possible to negotiate different terms, but the majority of Honda vehicle leases last for three-years (36 months).

What are the monthly payments like?

The payment is going to vary depending on a few factors— credit score and history, down payment, monthly Honda brand offers, and what trim you're interested in leasing. Typically, the lease prices you see are for the base models, but you can lease any trim that catches your eye!

Are there any people who shouldn't lease?

If you're someone who travels a lot for business or for personal adventures then leasing is likely not a good plan. That's because the typical three-year lease has a 12,000 mile per year limit and going over that limit can have penalty charges that add up quickly. Leasing is best for people who drive daily but have shorter commutes or those who drive on an occasional basis.

Leasing is also not ideal for anyone who wants to pass their vehicle down to a child who'll be turning 16 in the coming years, or going away to college.

What if you love your lease?

There is always an option to buy out your leased vehicle at the end of the three years. This is good for people who truly love their vehicle and don't want to upgrade. As you come up to your return date, you'll receive information from Honda Financing about end-of-lease options.

For more information on leasing a Honda, or our new Honda leasing specials, stop in and see us at Carbone Honda Bennington.

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